Wesleyan Methodist Afterwar Committee

Armstrong H.
Asprey Percy
Aston Bert
Bartley A.
Bevins N.H. Killed
Bryant (Bryan) Frederick
Casey Harold Killed
Cattell S. D.C.M.
Chance Ernest
Coats C.
Darby Samuel
Davies Samuel Killed
Davies Wilfred Killed
Dimmock W.H. Rev. Killed
Downes Isaac
Downing J. Killed
Hall Samuel
Hawres William J.
Hyde A.
Johnson Samuel
Jordan Aubrey
Journsend J.J. Killed
Lamb James
Lathe A. Leslie
Lathe Harold J.
Loat A.V.
Loat C.E.
Lowe E.
Lowe James
Lowe Titus
Martin James
Mason J.H. Had line through
Mason Sidney Killed
Moody Joseph
Morris J.S.
Mould Gilbert
Neachell Arthur
Paul E. Killed
Paul Thomas
Perry Harry
Perry John
Pursehouse Paul
Pursehouse Thom. Thomas had line through
Roberts A.
Roberts Sam Killed
Rogers A.
Russell Thomas
Turner J. M.M.
Turton W. M.M.
Warren Thomas
Waterhouse H.
Winter L.R C.F. Rev.
Wolverson E. Killed
Wolverson J. Killed
Wootton James

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