Bilston Methodist Church

Abbott Thomas
Allen Henry
Allen W.
Asbury W.
Armstrong G. In brackets
Aston F.
Aston H.
Banks Martin
Barnard H. M.M. & Star
Bendall Ernest Fallen in Action
Bendall G.
Bendall L.
Bills William
Burgess C.
Burgess Percy M.C.
Bussey F.
Bussey W.
Carder H.
Caswell Charles
Chaplin F.
Chatten A.E.
Chatten F.
Chatten J.
Chattin Samuel W. W has B written on top of it.
Clibery G.
Cole E.
Corbett J.
Colley Leslie Fallen in Action
Dimmock Rev. W.H. Fallen in Action
Edge H.
Edwards L. B.A. (B.S.C. written on top)
Evans J.
Grail Stanley Fallen in Action
Hall A.C.
Hall Benjamin
Hall Joseph
Haleley F.
Harper Howard J.
Harris Dr. Cecil Fallen in Action
Harris Ernest
Harris Reginald
Hewitson Basil Fallen in Action
Hill R.D.
Holden E.
Lack Harold
Lack Victor Fallen in Action
Lett A.E.
Lett F.
Lett R.
Morgan Harold D. Fallen in Action
Morgan Herbert S.
Morgan W.J.D.
Naylor T.
Neeme L.
Neeme P. M.M.
North B.
Onions Charles
Onions Forest
Payton B.
Payton F.
Perry A.H.
Pugh J.W.
Poulton A.
Price William J. B.S.C.
Price Howard K. Fallen in Action
Pursehouse Adna
Richards A.E.
Richards E.
Smith J.
Smith L.
Stubbs Percy
Taylor Arthur Perry Fallen in Action
Taylor Sidney T.
Tranter James
Tyler Leslie
Tyler Norman
Wall W.T.
Wilkes F.
Wilkes L.
Wilkies W.
Willan Edgar
Williams Edgar
Williams Ernest
Windsor F.
Windsor Harold
Winter Rev. L. R. C.F.
Wolverson Percy W.
Wootton D.

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