Wesleyan Church, Ettingshall

Arnold Richard
Bailey Charles
Baker Jack
Beddows Jack Killed
Beebee Frank
Beebee Norman H.
Berry Percy H.
Bettles Arthur Harry
Bradley Fredk.
Breakwell William
Broadbent Fredk. G.
Charles Alfred
Charles Ernest Missing
Charles Fred
Collins James
Cooper Fred
Crutchley Tom
Davidson Frank
Davies Benj.
Evans Ernest
Evans James
Evans Samuel Killed
Faux Samuel
Fellows Herbert
Fellows John
Felton Vivian T.
Grainger Thomas S.
Green Harold J.
Green Jack
Hall Geo.
Hampton Harold
Hanstock Harry
Hanstock Richard
Hanstock Thomas Killed
Hardy Bert
Hardy J.E.
Hazeldine Albert D. Killed
Hazeldine Rupert
Hewitt Walter
Holland Jack
Hough William
Jones Horace L.
Lunn Geo. Prisoner of war
Marks William
Martin David
Martin Sidney
Miles Geo.
Nibblett Ralph Killed
North Clifford
Norton John Killed
Owen Ernest
Probert Bert
Probert Samuel
Roderick Fredk.
Segar Harold Killed
Shaw Arthur Prisoner of war
Shaw George E.
Shaw Jack
Southam Eric
Spruce Fredk. J. Killed
Swatman Alfred
Swatman James Killed
Taylor Albert Prisoner of war
Thacker George H.
Tilt Reginald
Walker Norman D.
Ward Wilfred
Waterfield Edward
White Cyril
Whittingham Joseph
Wickstead Clifford A.
Wilkes Wilfred
Wilkinson John
Wilkinson Sidney
Wynn Norris V.

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