This is a list of names in the official Wolverhampton Roll of Remembrance of those soldiers who died in the First World War, which is held at Wolverhampton City Archives and compiled in about 1920. We do also hold other rolls of honour, of members of local churches and schools etc, which our volunteers will be transcribing too.

Name Rank Unit
Jasper, Thomas Sergt. 1/6th. South Staffords.
Jackson, William Henry Pte. R. A. S. C.
Jackson, William Pte. South Staffords.
Jackson, Thomas Pte. Cheshires
Jackson, Samuel Pte. 8th. South Staffords.
Jackson, Walter L/Corpl. South Staffords.
Jackson, Francis A. Dvr. R. F. A.
Jackson, William E. Pte. City Of Londons.
Jarvis, Alfred L/Corpl. A. S. C.
Jarvis, William Pte. 12th. Rifle Brigade.
James, Henry John 2/Lieut. 24th. North’d Fusiliers.
James, George F. Pte. South Staffords.
James, John N. Pte. Lincolns.
James, John Henry Pte. Lincolns.
James, Edwin Corpl. South Staffords.
Jefferies, L Sergt. R. G. A.
Jefferies, William Thos. Pte. East Kents.
Jeffrey, G. S. Q. M. S. 1/1st Staffs Yeomanry.
Jeavons, Arthur Tom. Pte. A. S. C.
Jephson, Frederick Pte. K. O. Y. L. I.
Jenkins, Wesley Pte. Notts & Derby,
Jeavons, Frank Pte. Highland L. I.
Jetson, George Pte. Cheshires
Jeynes, Thomas Geo. Corpl. R. Warwicks.
Jones, Benjamin Jas. Gnr. R. G. A.
Jones, Samuel Pte. 10th. Worcesters.
Jones, Wm. Walter Pte. 1st. Bedfords.
Jones, Isaiah Pte. R. A. M. C.
Jones, Joseph H. Pte. 2/5th. South Staffords.
Jones, Richard Harry Sergt. 2nd. Rifle Brigade.
Jones, E. F. Pte. 7th. South Staffords.
Jones, Samuel Edwin Pte. West Yorks.
Jones, Edwin Howard C. Q. M. S. Durham L. I.
Jones, James Gnr. R. F. A.
Jones, Bernard Pte. 1st. South Staffords.
Jones, Kendrick Corpl. R. Welsh Fusiliers.
Jones, A. F. Pte. 2nd. K. O. R. Lancs.
Jones, Arthur William Pte. R. A. M. C.
Jones, William Dvr. R. A. S. C.
Jones, William Edward Pte. 1st. South Staffords.
Jones, Sampson Sergt. R. G. A.
Jones, Jennes Pte. R. Dublin Fusiliers.
Jones, David Sapper South Staffords.
Jones, George William Pte. South Staffords.
Jones, John E. Pte. South Staffords.
Jones, George Pte. South Staffords.
Jones, William Pte. 3rd. South Staffords.
Jones, John Gnr. R. F. A.
Jones, Herbert Pte. R. A. M. C.
Jones, Richard Pte. Manchesters.
Johnes, Robert Pte. K. O. Y. L. I.
Jones, H. S. Pte. South Staffords.
Jones, Cyril Pte. North Staffords.
Jones, Robert A. L/Corpl. R. West Kents.
Jones, William Pte. 1st South Staffords.
Jones, Edwin Pte. Worcesters.
Jones, David Pte. K. O. S. B.
Jones, John Pte. 4th. South Staffords.
Johnson, Alan Pte. 7th. Bedfords.
Johnson, Robert Pte. 10 Worcesters.
Johnson W. Roland Lieut. 1/6th. South Staffords.
Johnson, Benjamin Thos. Pte. North’d Fusiliers.
Johnson, R. Pte. 2/3rd. N. M. F. Ambulance.
Jordan, F. H. Pte. Labour Corps.
Josephs, Bertie Ramton Pte. R. Fusiliers.
Joyce, Anthony Pte. Tank Corps.
Juckes, Richard Sydney Pte. 14th. Canadians.
Justice, Charles Joseph L/Corpl. Highland L. I.

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