Welcome to this blog, published by Wolverhampton City Archives. In the run-up to the commemorations for the anniversary of the First World War in 2014, we will be sharing the stories, images and details of the local men and women who were involved, both at home and abroad. We will see letters home from the trenches, diaries, newspaper entries and tales from school log books, which will all help to build up a picture of what Wolverhampton people experienced during the Great War. Much of the research will be completed by our brilliant team of volunteers, so if you are interested in volunteering and assisting with this fantastic project, please get in touch! In addition, if you have your own stories, anecdotes or items from your own research or from family members, please feel free to share them with us – we may be able to feature them in a future blog!

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have read your blog with interest and was quite interested in the one on William Bruerton, not because I know of him but because there wasn’t much information. So being curious, as I am, I thought I would try and find some information on him myself. I discovered that the William H Bruerton born in Wolverhampton in 1874 died in 1874. I found a William Horatio Bruerton in the 1911 Census and he was married to Eliza Elizabeth Foxhall. THey lived at 18F Gibbs Street, Wolverhampton with their two children, Elizabeth May Bruerton aged 9 and William Bruerton aged 1. Eliza’s mother, Eliza Foxhall, also lived with them. William’s occupation is listed as a Whole Life Insurance Agent. The only discrepancy I can see on this listing is William is listed as being born in Darlaston. I hope this may be of some help to you. If not nothing really lost


    Jacqueline de Escofet

  2. Maryann Barnes said:

    Congratulations! Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I really enjoy your blog and find it both helpful and interesting. I’ve learned a great deal from your writing, research techniques, and insights about World War One. I find your blog helps with my Irish and English family research. Thanks!
    To accept this award, please:
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    Cheers, Maryann Barnes

  3. I live in Surrey, BC, Canada and I purchased a water colour painting signed T.E.GRAHAM and titled HARLECH. With searching on line I have come across the name on your website. Any further information is welcome.

  4. Thanks

  5. Michael OToole said:

    Why is Percy Shaw missing from 1st Bat South Staffs ? he fought and died for us

    • heidimcintosh said:


      There are posts being added to this blog all the time, and Percy Shaw has not yet been featured. We have a full Roll of Honour of over 4300 local men and woman who died during the First World War, and Percy Shaw appears on there, so he will feature on the blog in due course.


      Heidi McIntosh

      • Michael OToole said:

        Many Thanks for your reply..My main concern was a book published about Wolverhampton Warriors.. with no mention of Percy or his brother Benjamin who both died in WW 1

        Mick OToole

      • heidimcintosh said:

        Thank you very much for this information. We have had not involvement in the publication of this book and, in fact, were not aware of it, so cannot comment on which individuals were included.

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