This is a full list of names of those men and women who gave their lives in the course of the First World War while contributing to the war effort, both at home and overseas.

The roll contains not only the names of soldiers who died on the frontline, but also men and women who were fatally injured in munitions factory accidents or during other duties such as nursing.

Surname First name Date of death Rank Service number Regiment Battalion etc
Abley Samuel 25/11/1918 Private 32909 Durham Light Infantry 21st Battalion
Acutt Harold 18/04/1917 Lance Corporal DM2/196202 Royal Army Service Corps M. T. Depot (Grove Park)
Adams Alfred 13/10/1915 Private 3294 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion
Adams Alfred Sidney 28/04/1917 Private 40940 Lincolnshire Regiment 10th Battalion
Adams Arthur 31/07/1917 Rifleman 49980 The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 1st/6th Battalion
Adams Edwin 24/06/1917 Private 240203 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion
Adams Eunice Cicely Boys 1919 Nurse British Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachment
Adams George Norman 20/10/1918 Captain South Staffordshire Regiment 6th Battalion
Adams Percy 27/07/1916 Lance Corporal PS/7374 Royal Fusiliers 17th Battalion
Adams Samuel Henry 1923
Adams William 17/02/1917 Private 16535 South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd Battalion
Adcock Harold Norman 08/10/1918 Second Lieutenant The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 1st Battalion
Adderley Harry Blackwell 12/09/1918 Quartermaster Sergeant 531653 Canadian Army Medical Corps 11th Field Ambulance
Addison George Mellsome 09/08/1918 Second Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 5th Battalion
Addis Thomas 21/03/1918 Private 41852 Worcestershire Regiment 3rd Battalion
Adey Cyril Archibald 13/10/1915 Private 2390 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion
Adey Joseph Alfred 01/05/1917 Private 19438 Suffolk Regiment 2nd Battalion
Adey William James 22/03/1918 Sapper 310342 Royal Engineers 29th Light Railway Operating Company
Akers Edward 23/04/1917 Private 20780 King’s Own Scottish Borderers 2nd Battalion
Allcock Joseph Thomas 06/10/1917 Serjeant 9208 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion
Allcock William Henry 17/10/1918 Private 50312 Lancashire Fusiliers 1st/5th Battalion
Allcott Frederick 28/07/1916 Private 16384 South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd Battalion
Allen Albert Edward or Ernest 07/12/1917 Private 242189 South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd/6th Battalion
Allen Benjamin 1916 Private East Yorkshire Regiment
Allen Henry Oliver 04/05/1918 Private 240458 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion
Allen Job 14/03/1917 Private 203311 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/5th Battalion
Allen John 19/08/1917 Corporal 10403 South Staffordshire Regiment 7th Battalion
Allen Joseph James 23/04/1916 Acting Bombardier 899 Royal Field Artillery 4th (Staffs) Battery, 3rd (North Midland) Brigade
Allen Samuel 25/09/1915 Private 6898 South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd Battalion
Allen Samuel Richard Lorne 30/09/1918 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M/1550 Royal Navy HMS “Seagull”
Allibone George 04/07/1916 Private 3209 The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 1st/5th Battalion
Allport Josiah 27/08/1917 Private 43292 Lincolnshire Regiment 10th Battalion
Allwright Thomas William 20/07/1916 Private PW/3088 Middlesex Regiment 18th Battalion
Ambler John Leonard 05/09/1916 Private 427522 Canadian Infantry 13th Battalion
Amery James 11/10/1917 Petty Officer, 1st Class 129483 Royal Navy HM Yacht “Kethailes”
Amos Harry Unknown Private Tank Corps
Amphlett Richard Ferrand 05/04/1917 Second Lieutenant Worcestershire Regiment 8th Battalion
Anderson Andrew 27/03/1916 Private G/16744 Royal Fusiliers 4th Battalion
Anderson Charles 30/07/1916 Pioneer 129383 Royal Engineers 5th Battalion, Special Brigade
Anderson James Baillie 25/02/1916 Private 17899 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 9th Battalion
Andrews Alexander 15/09/1916 Driver 77629 Royal Field Artillery 31st Battery, 35th Brigade
Andrews Archibald Peter 25/01/1915 Private 9173 Scots Guards 1st Battalion
Andrews Francis Nicholas 11/10/1915 Second Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles 15th Battalion
Andrews Herbert Henry 26/08/1914 Private 2583 Manchester Regiment 2nd Battalion
Andrews Joseph William 04/10/1917 Private 37898 South Staffordshire Regiment 7th Battalion
Andrews Wilfred Arthur 07/11/1914 Lance Corporal 8486 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion
Andrews William 24/10/1917 Private 201860 Worcestershire Regiment “C” Company, 2nd/7th Battalion
Anker Harry 28/04/1918 Gunner 820180 Royal Field Artillery 50th Brigade
Annis Fred 22/10/1920 Gunner 47528 Royal Garrison Artillery 54th Brigade
Ansell James Henry 07/11/1915 Private 17657 Worcestershire Regiment 10th Battalion
Ansell Samuel 09/10/1917 Private 18527 York and Lancaster Regiment 6th Battalion
Anslow Cecil Ernest 07/07/1918 Private 49448 South Staffordshire Regiment 3rd Battalion
Anslow George Frederick 16/12/1916 Private 9489 South Staffordshire Regiment 7th Battalion
Anslow Harold Charles 31/12/1917 Lance Corporal 283166 Royal Engineers 98th Light Railway Train Crew Company
Anslow Harold Victor 04/06/1915 Able Seaman KP/636 Royal Navy Anson Battalion, Royal Naval Division
Anslow Harry 29/09/1920 Private 240191 South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd/6th Battalion
Anthony John William 16/09/1916 Private 24106 Durham Light Infantry 10th Battalion
Antwis D. J. Unknown
Antwis William 26/10/1917 Private 19083 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion
Appleby Thomas 22/04/1918 Gunner 147898 Royal Field Artillery 60th Division Ammunition Column
Archer Frederick William 22/08/1918 Private 53355 Royal Scots 12th Battalion
Aris Sidney John 08/10/1918 Private 22378 King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 1st Battalion
Arkinstall Edwin Harry 13/10/1915 Private 2387 South Staffordshire Regiment 6th Battalion
Arkinstall Joseph 18/08/1916 Private 4751 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion
Armitage Douglas William 25/09/1915 Second Lieutenant Royal Sussex Regiment 9th Battalion
Armitage Frank Rhodes 30/07/1917 Captain Royal Army Medical Corps, attending the Royal Field Artillery 232nd Brigade
Armstrong George Britt 03/09/1916 Private 26386 Worcestershire Regiment 3rd Battalion
Armstrong Walter Ernest 10/12/1917 Private 38137 Lancashire Fusiliers, attached Pioneer Company 15th Battalion, attached 96th Brigade
Armstrong Walter James 25/09/1915 Private 9657 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion
Arnold Charles 06/04/1921 Able Seaman J/20511 Royal Navy HMS “Vivid”
Arnold Clarence 01/08/1916 Private 15342 Hussars 15th Battalion (The King’s)
Arnold Thomas 25/09/1916 Sergeant 8895 Lincolnshire Regiment 2nd Battalion
Arnold Walter Aquilla 14/07/1918 Private 31055, later 12639 Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment), later Labour Corps Northern Command Labour Centre
Ash Frederick George 21/03/1917 Private 242379 South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd/6th Battalion
Ash Jacob 29/04/1915 Private 9631 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion
Ash John 13/10/1915 Private 2766 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion
Ashbourne Charles Albert 06/08/1915 Lance Corporal 11698 Worcestershire Regiment 4th Battalion
Ashcroft Joel Thomas 21/03/1918 Private 52236 Lancashire Fusiliers 10th Battalion
Ashford Albert 21/03/1918 Gunner 76044 Royal Field Artillery “Y” 36th T. M. Battery
Ashley John Thomas 24/09/1915 Private 19345 Suffolk Regiment 2nd Battalion
Ashley Thomas 01/07/1916 Private 240324 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion
Ashley William 09/02/1919 Driver 810995 Royal Field Artillery 39th Division Ammunition Column
Ashley William 1925? Private South Lancashire Regiment
Ashwell William 10/10/1917 Lance Corporal 281384 Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd/7th Battalion
Askew Jack 24/08/1918 Private 23564 Middlesex Regiment 1st/7th Battalion
Askey William 18/11/1916 Private 31315 South Lancashire Regiment 7th Battalion
Aspinall Paul John 15/03/1918 Leading Signalman J/11940 Royal Navy H.M. Submarine D.3.
Asprea David 01/07/1916 Private 240259 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion
Asprey Harry 18/10/1916
Asprey Thomas H. or N. 1921 Sapper 89828 Royal Engineers
Asson John William 14/02/1919 Serjeant 32136 Lincolnshire Regiment 1st Garrison Battalion
Astbury D. Unknown
Astbury Samuel 22/08/1917 Gunner 75743 Royal Field Artillery “B” Battery, 160th Brigade
Astbury Thomas Leslie 21/03/1918 Captain South Staffordshire Regiment 6th Battalion
Astle William Leslie 15/10/1915 Lance Sergeant 2824 South Staffordshire Regiment 1st/6th Battalion
Astley Luke 21/03/1918 Private 41936 Worcestershire Regiment 3rd Battalion
Aston Charles Henry 05/09/1917 Private 29957 East Lancashire Regiment 2nd/5th Battalion
Aston Frederick 23/01/1916 Private 7464 North Staffordshire Regiment 1st Battalion
Aston James 22/12/1916 Private 8470 North Staffordshire Regiment 7th Battalion
Aston Joseph 26/06/1918 Bombardier 77196 Royal Field Artillery 41st Brigade
Atkins John 26/09/1917 Private 78202 Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 2nd/5th Battalion
Atkins Kenneth Croydon 30/05/1918 Second Lieutenant Worcestershire Regiment 6th Battalion, attended 10th Battalion
Atkinson Bernard Stewart 30/11/1917 Captain South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd/6th Battalion
Attwood Joseph George 29/10/1918 Serjeant 241200 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 16th Battalion
Austin Frederick Hubert 12/11/1918 Second Lieutenant Essex Regiment 1st Battalion
Austin Harry 28/04/1916 Private 7901 Worcestershire Regiment “C” Company, 3rd Battalion

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