3rd North Midland Field Ambulances Memorial

Bailey J.H. Private
Batchelor S. Private
Belcher J. Private
Besant C.D. Sgt.
Burrows F. Private
Clarke W. Private
Colley H. Private
Colley J.R. Private
Davis L. Private
Diment P. Private
Elliot H. Private
Ellis Private
Elsey Private
Evans L.A. Private
Green J.   V.C. Captain
Handley J. Private
Harris J.C. Captain
Harrison S.S.B.   M.C. Major
Heath F. Private
Hidens G. Staff Sgt.
Hodson G. Driver
Jack Lieut.
Johnson R. Private
Keeling B.C. Private
Kirk J. Private
Latimer K. Corpl.
MacVeaty Lieut.
Mather W.H. L. Cpl.
Norris J. Private
Page A. Private
Parkes C. Driver
Patrick Private
Pothan W. Private
Richards G. Private
Richardson E. Private
Smith J.H. Driver
Wagg E.D. Private
Webb G. Lieut.

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