Tell your story!

If your ancestor was born, lived, or worked in Wolverhampton, and you have stories about them during the First World War, we want to hear from you!

We are gathering information on all sorts of local people, whether they were at the Front or at home, school children or workers, or contributed to the War effort in some other way. Please share your stories with us, particularly if you have photographs or other documents to include, and we can hopefully feature them on a future blog post! Give as much information as you can, and we will try and research further if possible.

Hard copies can be sent to Heidi Mcintosh, Wolverhampton City Archives, Molineux Hotel Building, Whitmore Hill, Wolverhampton WV1 1SF.

Thank you very much!

1 thought on “Tell your story!”

  1. Steve hiscox said:

    Sorry random text playing up in fred browns details..Annie dankes -wife.. children -Nancy, ken. +2 others..birthplace-tipton. Father -George. .mother -Sarah need price

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