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Alfred Adams

Alfred Adams

Alfred Adams was born on 20 July 1887 in Walsall, the son of Joseph and Mary Ann or Polly Adams. In 1901, the family have moved to 3 Lower Dudley Street, Bilston. Alfred and his parents are joined by a brother Joseph and sisters Anne and Celia. The 14-year-old Alfred is already a carpenter’s errand boy. By 1911, the family had moved to 3 York Street, Bilston, and Alfred appears together with his parents, brother Joseph and sister Celia. Alfred has become a warehouse clerk for a nut and bolt manufacturer. Alfred was taught at the Wesleyan School in Bilston, “in which place he was well respected by all who came into contact with him”.

Alfred joined the 6th Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment (number 3294). He was killed on 13 October 1915. According to a piece that appeared in the Midland Counties Express on 18 November 1916, Alfred “joined the Army because he wanted to ‘do his bit’, and it may be written that he did it well and faithfully and died a true soldier’s death in action.” There is a poignant additional comment in the newspaper with regard to the accompanying photograph of Alfred:

The only photograph available of Private Alfred Adams was a tiny representation about the size of a postage stamp, and it will be understood that this is much prized by his mother, Mrs P. Evans, 3, York Street, Bilston, though he is not shown in khaki.

Alfred is commemorated at the Loos Memorial, as well as on the High Town Ward Roll of Honour.