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Herbert was born in Shrewsbury in about 1876. He married Hester Bertha Nixon in Shrewsbury on 12 July 1898, and the couple had 6 children – Herbert, Sidney, Ethel, Hester Bertha, Ernest and Lucy. Between the birth of Ernest in 1909 and that of Lucy in 1913, the family moved to Wolverhampton. Herbert was also a keen bellringer, and became attached to St Peter’s Church as a bellringing when the family moved to Wolverhampton.

On 7 August 1914, he enlisted in the Army Service Corps (number 2586), when his trade was given as “fitter”. He stayed at Avonmouth, where the accommodation was described as “rough” by The Ringing World, which attributed his later illness to Herbert’s stay at Avonmouth. On 3 April 1916, he was discharged as no longer physically fit for the army. He was described as having bronchitis, emphysema and Raynauds disease. Further details were listed as follows on 9 March 1916:

He suffered from a cough the whole of that year & has now been in hospital the greater part of 4 months. When on leave in November he was taken ill & had to go into Selly Oak Hospital, when discharged from there to duty at Avonmouth, he had quickly to go into hospital there. Was admitted here in December & again on Feb 28, on each occasion on account of cough and breathlessness. The breath became very short on exertion after the November attack & on one occasion he fainted away at the theatre here.

On 28 September 1916, he was issued with a Silver War Badge (number 60904). Herbert died of consumption on 24 April 1919, and is buried at Wolverhampton Borough Cemetery.