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Yesterday we featured the six older children of Thomas Jackson and Emma Jane Barnett. Many of the younger children also played their part in the First World War:

Constance Fanny was born on 22 September 1876. By 1911, she was working as a secretary, but I have not been able to confirm details of her actions during the war. She died on 18 March 1973, in Romsey, Hampshire. The value of her effects was £515.

Charles Howard was born on 14 September 1878. By 1901 he had become an Auctioneers clerk, and was working as an auctioneer by 1911. He married Annie May Voyce in Wolverhampton in 1907 and they were living at 22 Lyndhurst Road in 1911. I have not been able to confirm details about whether or not Charles enlisted with the armed forces during the First World War, but he did serve as a Sergeant with the special constables in Wolverhampton. Charles died at the Connaught Nursing Home, Wolverhampton on 17 March 1957, by which date his address was Penrose, 4 Newbridge Crescent, Wolverhampton.

Margaret Grace was born on 29 October 1880. By 1911, she was boarding in Wallsend, Northumberland in the home of William Calvert Doughty, working as a Church of England worker. She married John B. Kemp in Wolverhampton in 1915, and the couple had two children – Violet D. (1917) and Michael J. B. (1919) in Atcham, Shropshire. She died in Shrewsbury in 1961 at the age of 80

John Harold was born in 1882. He had become an engineer by 1911. He married Blanche E. Smart in 1912, and the couple had two children, Peter S. (1914) and Brenda M. (1919). I have been unable to confirm details of whether or not he did military service, but he survived the war, and died in 1968

Jessie Emily was born in 1885. By 1911, she was working as a dispenser. She married John W. Taylor in 1913, but I have not been able to track further details.

Elsie Marian was born in Wolverhampton in 1886. Like her sister, Jessie, she was working as a dispenser by 1911. From 17 September 1917 until 20 May 1919, she worked as a dispenser for the British Red Cross. During this period, she worked at the 4th Northern General Hospital in Lincoln and later at the Military Hospital in Cromarty. She died in Rowley Regis in 1961.