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The Assembly Shop at Star Engineering Co. Ltd, 1910

On 6 March 1915, the Midland Counties Express heralded the vehicles being produced by the Star Engineering Co., Ltd, and stated that “Wolverhampton’s products are giving splendid service to the nation under the stress and strain of war”.


The company received orders for chassis from the Russian Government “until the annual blocking of the White Sea by ice”, and large numbers of Star war lorrylorries similar to that in the photograph to the right were being ordered by the French Government. The British Government also ordered “as many vehicles as possible until further notice”. In addition, the Star Company also supplied Red Cross Ambulance vehicles. All these orders meant that the company were being tested to the limit of their output.

The article talks of a Marconi vehicle that had “rather an adventurous career”, being rushed across to Antwerp in a special boat. The car “gave excellent service, and remained on duty until the last moment, so that is was only removed out of the town just in time to avoid capture.”

There had been no complaints about any of the vehicles supplied; rather “testimonials of a glowing character have been received from both private and official sources.”

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