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The brother of Charles, featured yesterday, Alfred was born in Wolverhampton in 1888. In 1901, he was not living with his family, but was a boarder at Wolverhampton Grammar School in Compton Road.

According to the Express & Star article on the death of his brother, dated 15 March 1915, Alfred was equally patriotic. On the outbreak of war, he had been in Buenos Aires, South America. He decided to join Kitchener’s Army and set off in a steamship. A day or two after the ship left, the Germany arch-raider, the Kron Prinz Wilhelm, caught up with it and took its passengers and crew as prisoners. Once the coal and large quantities of beef on board were extracted, the British steamer was sunk. The German ship later encountered a French steamship, to whom it transferred the English people, who were released in Monte Video. According to the article, “Mr Sims lay up in a nursing home for several weeks suffering from fever, and has now returned to Buenos Ayres [sic].”

I have not been able to track down any further information about Alfred, and whether he tried again to enlist in the army.