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The son of Walter Garrison and Alice Maude Creswell, Walter was born in Sedgley, Dudley, in 1897. By 1911, the three of them were living at 215 Parkfield Road, Wolverhampton, along with Alice’s sister, Ellen Bagnall.

Walter enlisted in the 1st Battalion of the North Staffordshire Regiment, first serving in France from 21 July 1917. However, by 22 August 1917, a small article appeared in the Express & Star to say that Second Lieutenant W. J. A. Creswell, now of Garthowen, Sedgley Road, Wolverhampton, had been wounded in action, and his wounds were reported to be “rather serious”.

However, he did recover from them, as Walter survived the war. He married Lilian Hawthorn in Wolverhampton in 1929, but I have not found any records of any children. Walter died in Exeter in 1968 at the age of 71.