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I have recently come across a great website, run by the Library of the Religious Society of Friends, which has digitised the personnel records of the Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU). According to the site, this was a “civilian volunteer ambulance service set up by a group of Quakers during World War I”, and they carried out work both at home but also abroad, including in Dunkirk, in allied occupied Belgium and in the French Champagne and Argonne regions. The cards were maintained in two series – one was maintained at the headquarters in Dunkirk, and one as a central index in London, so some men appear in both series. The cards contain a lot of detail, including their next of kin, service record, and sometimes a photograph too.

Unfortunately you can’t search the site by place, so I have been unable to see if there are any other local individuals listed there. But one man who has already been featured on this blog is Roger Shackleton Carr, of Wheatstone Park, Codsall, West Wolverhampton. His date of birth was 11 April 1897, and he had only just left school when he joined the FAU, serving in Dunkirk from 5 October 1915. He had an absolute exemption from military service on the grounds of being “Indisposable”. He was evacuated to England on 21 June 1918, but went back to France on 27 November 1918. He left France and was demobilised on 31 January 1919. Photographs of Roger are included on both index cards.