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On 2 December 1914, the Express & Star published a letter from the Mayor of Wolverhampton, Albert Baldwin Bantock, urging all men between the ages of 19 and 38 to enlist for military service. This was in advance of a letter that was due to be issued by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee to each householder. This letter was signed by the leaders of all three political parties,  the Right Honourable Herbert Henry Asquith, the Right Honourable Andrew Bonar Law, and Mr Arthur Henderson.

Bantock stated:

Wolverhampton has done well, but I am satisfied it can do better, and I trust that all who have it within their power to uphold the good name of our old town will not hesitate to offer his services.

The Mayor had arranged ten meetings across the borough for the following Monday, and encouraged “all eligible men who have not decided to enlist before that day” to attend one of the meetings and “learn how urgently their country requires their services.”