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humphreys-letter-page-1The Council Communications book includes the following letter, dated 9 November 1914, sent to the Mayor of Wolverhampton by an G. W. Humphreys of Strathallan, Gisborne, New Zealand:

Dear Sir

We have a committee in Gisborne set up for the purpose of helping those who are suffering through the war in England.

I am sending through the Committee fifty fat sheep for the express use of those who are suffering in Wolverhampton, My native town and I shall be very glad if you will see to the distribution as you think fit.

The first shipment of meat for England will be leaving here very shortly and will be consigned to Mr. Ths. MacKenzie our high commissioner, who will no doubt communicate with you on arrival of the consignment.

We are awfully pleased in this country to see the way the manhood of old England is responding to the call to arms and we are mighty proud of and lost in admiration of our gallant men in the firing line. They are splendid. We are looking forward to seeing our men (the New Zealanders) fighting side by side with these heroes before long, and we feel sure they will give a good account of themselves.

With every good wish for the future.humphreys-letter-page-2

This is presumably George William Humphreys, born in Wolverhampton in 1870, although there are a couple of other possibilities. On 11 January 1915, the Council recorded its cordial thanks to Mr Humphreys “for his most generous and sympathetic gift”. I have not been able to find further references to these sheep in the Council minute books.