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The Express & Star on 16 October 1914 reported on a court case held at the Wolverhampton County Court that day, before his Honour Judge Howard Smith. This was the case of a pig dealer, Benjamin Smith, of Raby Street, Wolverhampton, who wanted to recover £16 5s. from pork butcher Frederick Mason, of Steelhouse Lane.

On 2 August 1914, Smith had agreed to let Mason have 16 pigs at a cost of 11s. per score. However, war had been declared the following Wednesday, and the price of pigs went up to 13s. per score. Smith offered Mason £5 to release him from his bargain, but Mason refused, so 14 pigs (weighing 162 score 5lbs) were delivered, at a total cost of £105 9s. 9d, at 13s. per score. However, Mason had only paid £89 4s. 9d. He also made a counter claim against Smith, claiming that two pigs were not delivered.

The judge found in favour of Mason, whose counter-claim was then withdrawn.