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The Express & Star of 10 October 1914 told of an interesting spectacle at the Molineux grounds, aside from the football match between Wolverhampton Wanderers Reserves and West Bromwich Albion.

200 or more men from the 6th Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, along with a group of Boy Scouts and members of the Boys’ Brigade, had marched from Penn Court with bugles and drums carrying banners which read “Cheer away, then come and enlist”, “500 men wanted at once”, and “Don’t put it off; enlist today!”.

Their message was clear. At half-time in the match, Lieutenant-Colonel Taylor and Charles Crump mounted a platform and gave the following speech:

I want 500 good, strong, healthy young men such as I see before me to join the new battalion of the 6th South Staffordshire Regiment. Our men at Lyon cannot go to the front, where they are anxious to go, and where they are badly wanted, till this new battalion is full up.

He said that he had received a telegram to this effect, and stated that because Antwerp had fallen, the Germans were that much closer, and “that if the young men of England did not come up in greater numbers, in their hundreds and thousands, the enemy would come here.” This was greeted with shouts of “Never!” from the assembled crowd. Lieutenant-Colonel Taylor went on:

We do not want them her, but they will come here if we don’t go there. In the past Englishmen have never waited for the enemy to come here. No enemy has set foot in England for well over 300 years, because we have always gone to the Continent, and have beaten them on their own ground. We want to do that again now.”

The first batch of recruits was due to go to Himley Hall on Monday, but they still needed more men, and he earnestly appealed to the crowd to enlist.