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A tip from David Underdown about the Railway employment records available on Ancestry has enabled me to find out more information about a number of men already featured on this blog:

  • Gordon Aston (date of birth 6 May 1885) worked as an Extra Clerk for the London and North Western Railway, initially at Ettingshall Road & Bilston (where he was an apprentice) from 26 August 1899 and then transferred to Deepfields on 1 April 1902. On 1 May 1907 he was transferred to the Goods department at Tipton, and again to Albion Goods department on 20 January 1908. He resigned on 15 February 1908.
  • Harold Bellingham became an apprentice in the fitting, turning and erecting trade on 4 June 1908, for a term of 6 and 3 quarter years. He was based at Wolverhampton. However, he left the Company’s service and was marked off the register on 6 July 1912.
  • Albert Bowyer (born 7 December 1896) was employed as a clerk for the Great Western Railway from 8 March 1911 at the Goods department at Birmingham station.
  • Alfred Duckworth (date of birth 8 June 1895) worked as a cleaner for the Great Western Railway from 13 September 1911 at Oxley Station, until he left voluntarily on 15 August 1914. Whilst there, he had an accident in 1913 when a lamp fell and cut his head.
  • There was a whole group of men working as engine cleaners for the London & North Western Railway at Bushbury, including:
    • Charles Evans, who worked there from 25 July 1912 until he resigned on 10 August 1912. He also worked as a cleaner for the Great Western Railway from 3 October 1906 until he left on 14 June 1907.
    •  Joseph Green , whose date of birth was 1 March 1893. He worked at Bushbury station from 20 December 1909, and worked there until 1926 (with a break while he was on active service in the War).
    • James Shaw, whose date of birth is given as 28 December 1893. He worked from 17 July 1913 until he took up active service.
    • William Westwood (middle name Henry and born 4 December 1883), who worked there from 19 February 1900 until he resigned on 27 May 1904. In the course of his time there he was suspended for two days on 3 October 1900 for “striking a lad in the shed”.