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Minnie was born in Wolverhampton in 1877, the daughter of John and Mary A. Bate. In 1891, they were living at 146 Regent Street, Bilston, together with Minnie’s sister, Ellen A., brother John H., and grandmother Ellen Fletcher. She was still in Regent Street in 1901, and had become an assistant teacher. By 1911, she was living with her sister, Nellie Hewitson, at Kennel House, Llandudno, in Wales.

From June 1917 onwards, she served the Red Cross as a nurse on the Soldiers’ wards at the General Hospital in Wolverhampton. Her address was given as formerly Conway House, Bilston, and now “Cistria” Carmen Sylva Road, Llandudno. She was serving part-time and had served a total of 375 hours. I have not been able to confirm any further details about Minnie’s life.