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Roger Shackleton Carr was born in Wolverhampton in 1897, the son of Frederick and Mary Carr. In 1901, the family were at 101 Newhampton Road West, together with domestic servant Annie Wright and nurse/housemaid Francis Butler.

While he does not appeared to have served in the army during the First World War, his name appears in the British Red Cross records, living at Wheatstone, Codsall. He served as an orderly from 5 October 1915 until 31 January 1919. The department he served with was the F. A. U. It appears that this was the so-called “Friends Ambulance Unit“, a volunteer ambulance service run by the Religious Society of Friends, otherwise known as the Quakers. This may explain why Roger did not serve, as if he was a member of the Quakers he was presumably a conscientious objector.

I have not been able to trace Roger further beyond the end of the First World War, so if anybody has any other information, please get in touch!