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The second volume of the Wolverhampton Watch Committee covers the period 1915 – 1916.

On 15 March 1915, the Committee resolved to “make arrangements to extinguish and reduce lights in the Borough if Enemy Aircraft approached the town.” However, this was not enough for one resident. On 20 September 1915 the Committee received a letter from a local resident concerned about the continuing street lighting at night. They were “mindful of night Zeppelin raids which could be attracted to the town by its luminescence!” The resident went on to suggest turn off the town lighting to minimise such risks. The minute book does not conclude whether this action was taken. It was only after the local air raid in Bradley on the night of 31 January 1916 that the Committee resolved that there would be no street lighting until further notice. As a further consequence of the darkness, the Committee gave advice in February 1916 that pillar boxes, posts and pavement margins should be painted with white or other illuminating paint.

There was a discussion on police pay, and it was resolved to keep the existing scale of pay, pensions and allowances, but to cover any increased cost of living allowances through a weekly War Bonus, which should not exceed 2s./6d. for all ranks. The police force members later put forward a petition in October 1915 asking for compensation for loss of both annual and weekly leave since the outbreak of the war. They also asked for overtime pay to cover the loss of officers serving with the Armed Forces. The committee resolved to grant a month’s pay which was equal to the lost leave.