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Not only were the names of Hal G. and Geoffrey E. Lawrence noted in the Express & Star on 31 August 1914 as volunteers for the new companies of non-manual workers, but the newspaper also printed their accompanying letter:

Sir – We (the undersigned) would deem it a favour if you will enrol our names as members of your Non-Manual Corps.

Had your advertisement not appeared in Saturday evening’s edition of your paper we were writing to you to suggest the raising of a corps of a similar class.

We hope the corps will reach at least the full total of 1,000 men, and think that this could be easily done.

If, as it is suggested, Lieutenant-Colonel Waterhouse takes this matter up, he may rely upon two who will do their utmost to assist him in anything that will help forward this much-needed movement. We are, dear Sir, yours to command.



4, Clark-road, Wolverhampton,

August 30, 1914

These two young men were Harold Groom (born 1895) and Geoffrey Edward G. (born 1893). In 1901 they were living at 25 Waterloo Road North, together with their parents Edward and Margaret, their brothers John and Clement, sister Marjorie, and servants Ethel Lathe and Winifred Smith.

I have not been able to find records of Harold’s military service, but Geoffrey in fact joined the Royal Navy. Geoffrey married Margaret E. Lee in 1917, although they do not appear to have had any children. I have not been able to find any further trace of either man.