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IMG_1995An article in the Express & Star on 24 June 1915 tells of how Private John Skidmore gave his life in an attempt to save another. Apparently this was at a spot “which at the time was subject to a very heavy shelling by the enemy”. Skidmore was trying to protect a wounded comrade from receiving further injuries, which resulted in his own death. In a letter to Skidmore’s wife at 5 Willenhall Road, Corporal M. Reimann of the Stretcher-bearer Company, 6th South Staffordshire Regiment, stated that Skidmore “was a man who can ill afford to be spared, and who will be much missed by his many friends.” Skidmore died at the age of 27, and had previously worked as a grinder at the Chillington Works.

Finding his birth record has proved more difficult. However, the fact that there is a “J. Skidmore” listed on the Dudley Town War Memorial indicates that he is perhaps the John Evan Skidmore whose birth was registered in Dudley in December 1888. The newspaper article states that he left behind him a widow and four children, but as there are a few possible marriages it has been impossible to verify this. He is buried at the St Quentin Cabaret Military Cemetery in Belgium.