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In the Wolverhampton Police Chief Constable’s Report Book there is a note on 3 May 1915, that

1 Supt. and five constables Have rejoined the Army since our last Meeting.

The men are listed by surname only, and it is not clear from the list which one of them is the Superintendant:

  • Evans
  • Pearce
  • Kyte
  • Teasdale
  • Woodward
  • Caylor

Without further details it is practically impossible to trace these men. We may be able to confirm some of the less common surnames, such as “Teasdale” may be Edward Grosvenor Teasdale, born in Wolverhampton in 1897, but they may, of course have not been born locally and just moved for work. If anybody has any further information about these men, please get in touch!