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We recently received a small collection of material from the Wednesfield-based Weldless Steel Tube Company Ltd, mainly product brochures and publicity material. In amongst the photographs is a photo of the company’s roll of honour:

Roll of Honour of the Wedless Steel Tube Company Ltd

Roll of Honour of the Weldless Steel Tube Company Ltd

We do not appear to have any other references to this roll of honour, and it is not mentioned on Doug Lewis’s excellent Wolverhampton War Memorials site, so presumably the current location of this plaque is unknown. The roll of honour consists of the surnames and initials of all employees of the firm (both from the Birmingham and the Wednesfield Works) who joined His Majesty’s Forces during the Great War. Those marked with a gold cross had died for their country.

If anybody has any more information about the plaque itself, or the people named on it, we would be delighted to hear it!