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The Men Also, Express & Star 20 Aug 1914

The Men Also, Express & Star 20 Aug 1914

It was announced in the Express & Star on 20 August 1914 that the men of Wolverhampton had decided to form a voluntary aid detachment in connection with the British Red Cross Society, similtar to that set up by the women. The group planned to use members of the St John’s Ambulance, and train up other men to transport the sick and wounded to military hospitals.

The chairman of the meeting, Dr Deanesly, explained that “These detachments are not designed to render aid on the field of battle…that may dampen the more ardent of you, but it may be a little encouraging to those of you who do not wish to be in the firing line.”

Members had to have first aid certificates, and the group were offering classes in order to qualify men for this. The article stated that “caring for the wounded in war was, after all, a man’s job, and the men’s department was going to be twice as good as the women’s, because they were more useful in transporting the wounded.”

I have so far not found any further detail on this group or their work.