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In common with the other local Councils, Heath Town UDC touched on various matters concerning the War.

Following the need for compiling the National Register under the Derby Scheme, the Council insisted on 27 July 1915 that “staff would have to be engaged…and rooms provided.” As a result, the Council rented a room at 26 Lichfield Street and employed three men and three “girls” to do the necessary work. In preparation for conscription, members of the Local Military Service Tribunal were appointed on 9 November 1915.

On 19 October 1915, they congratulated Sergeant Wenlock on his award of the Distringuished Conduct Medal. They proposed on 2 May 1916 to arrange a public meeting in Heath Town to present the medals to Wenlock and Private Thomas Price. However, by 29 May 1916, the Council had received a report that Sergeant Wenlock had been killed in France (he died of gas poisoning on 22 May).

Air raids and warnings were also covered. On 7 March 1916, the question was raised whether “hooters or whistles should be used as a warning in case of air raid.” It was decided that the local police would be used to spread the word if necessary. Following police warnings of air raids on 22 August 1916, the Council sent copies of the police letter concerning procedures to the following local works: A. B. C. Coupler Ltd, Efandem Co. Ltd., Guy Motors Ltd., Joseph Evans and Sons Ltd, Hayward and Sons, and Jenks and Cattell.

On 20 October 1914 they announced the “any person willing to accommodate Belgian refugees should communicate with the County Council.” Other local matters covered included discussion of the reduction of lighting in the district on 8 February 1916.