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In common with the other local councils, the minutes of Tettenhall Urban District Council include very few references to the War. This blog posting will focus on the first minute book for the period, covering July 1914 until January 1915 (reference: D-TET/1/9). During this period, the Council meetings were chaired by Samuel Bayliss.

The main issue appears to be the inconvenience of Councillors who are unable to attend meetings. On 14 August 1914, the Council has received a communication from Councillor G. O. Langley, stating that “owing to the mobilization of the 6th S. Staff Regt in which he held a Commission he should be absent from Council Meetings until further notice. As the same applied to Councillor Ruston, both were granted an indefinite leave of absence. By 11 December 1914, Councillor Lloyd had also “accepted a Commission in the 6th S. Staffs Regt & was therefore unable by reasons of his military duties to attend Council Meetings for the present.”

The majority of Council business during this period appears to centre around planning, sewerage and public health issues. However, two other War-related matters are discussed. On 14 August 1914, the Council (again in common with Wolverhampton Council), agrees to the appointment of Special Constables in the Tettenhall Police Force to fill the vacancies left by Police Officers who have enlisted, asking for a notice to be “posted on the Council Notice Board & the Surveyor was requested to keep a Register of names of applicants.” Unfortunately, this Register does not appear amongst the records we hold for Tettenhall Urban District Council, so we can only assume it has not survived.

On 9 October 1914, a letter was read out from a Mr Davis Green, regarding the application for relief from rates for Belgian refugees. However, the Council states that it is awaiting “some definite instructions from the Local Government Board.” As this issue does not resurface throughout the rest of the minute book, clearly it was not dealt with at this period.