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As well as the general running of Wolverhampton Council, specific committees were set up to deal with War-related matters. Not all of these records have survived, but one that has it that of the Recruiting Sub-Committee for Graiseley and St John’s Ward.

Meetings of the Committee were held at the Town Hall, and it was chaired alternately by the Mayor, Alderman Bantock, or one of the local MPs, Alderman Thorne. This Committee appears to have only met three times between November and December 1914. Perhaps it was superceded by the main/central Recruiting Committee?

At the first meeting on 23 November 1914, the discussion centred around the appointment of a Chairman and an Honorary Secretary, although the former had already resigned his position by the next meeting on 1 December. Other issues discussed at this second meeting were the arrangements for a public meeting, presumably to encourage recruitment, to be held either at St John’s School in Cleveland Street, or at Dudley Road Schools. The Committee had also received a letter from a Mr George Green offering assistance from the Boy Scouts Band.

The final meeting is the public meeting, at St John’s School, as mentioned above, when about 100 people attended. The meeting was address by Alderman Thorne MP and Councillor Myatt. Cards to indicate “willingness to enlist” were handed out, and four of these were completed and returned at the meeting. The remaining cards were to be forwarded to the “proper quarter”. As there are no further meetings recorded of this Sub-Committee, it is not clear how successful these cards proved to be.