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One of our readers has submitted this story of his grandfather:

Benjamin James Owen

Benjamin James Owen

My real Grandfather, as my mother was adopted, was Benjamin James Owen, born 14.12.1894, son of Isiah and Lucy Owen.

Benjamin James Owen married Sarah Ann Williams at All Saints Church in 1915. They lived at 2 Court 2 Eagle Street at the back of the Summer House on Steelhouse Lane. This was his address on enlistment on 11 Dec 1915. His trade is recorded as a Bobber. He became a member of the Territorial Army reserve on 12 Dec 1915 and was mobilised in the 4th Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment on 12 April 1916.

 We have information that he was wounded on 25 April 1917, after being captured and trying to escape. This was witnessed by a neighbour who apparently was also in the same regiment. He crawled about the battlefield for four days, drinking water from the bottles of the dead. He was spotted by French Officers and was picked-up. His injuries were to his shoulder and his one lung. He was treated in Northumberland War Hospital, Bosworth, in Newcastle-on-Tyne, being admitted on 19 May 1917 and discharged on 11 February 1918.

Benjamin James Owen returned to Sarah Ann and their son Benjamin Joseph Owen. They were to go on to have another 5 children, the last being my mother in 1929. Unfortunately Sarah Ann was to die of pneumonia a few weeks after she was born. This resulted in my mother being adopted by her newly-wed Aunt and Uncle. Benjamin James Owen re-married and lived on until 1935 when he also died of pneumonia.

Our reader, Robbie Kennedy Bennett, has penned this poem in honour of Benjamin Owen.