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We have already featured entries from the school log book of the Junior portion of Fraser Street School, but we also have a book from the Infants School, covering 1909 – 1925. As with other school log books, there appears to be very little reference to the War in this book, as life is generally going on as normal.

The primary focus in the Infants school log book is around raising money for the troops, such as the following:

Date Page Number Details
8 Oct 1915 141 “On behalf of the Russians & Serbians-Hay Day 9.10.15-we have sold in this Dept 174 flags at 9 +16 at 3 = 18.6 for the fund.”
22 Dec 1915 146 “A collection was taken for our soldiers’ xmas fund, which has brought up our total collection to £1.80.”

The only other references are concerned with food rationing in the area, as the Education Committee was asking for assistance with this. In response, the school announced that it would be closed on 7th and 8th March 1918, in order to allow teachers to assist with this scheme.

Fraser Street Council School opened in April 1909, taking its pupils from Bilston Wesley Schools (Swan Bank) and St Mary’s National Schools which both closed. The senior part of this school became Etheridge Senior school in 1937.