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Ref: DX-894/2/33

Ref: DX-894/2/33

In amongst the Local History collection received from Wolverhampton Art Gallery, we have a certificate in (presumably) Serbian, although it is possibly Russian. This is certainly not something we see in our archives everyday, and our Latin and other language skills are a bit more limited in this case. Fortunately, we have a translation which has been kept together with the certificate!

It says the following:

For Distinguished Service.

In the Name of His Majesty


By the Grace of God and the Will of the People

King of Serbia

His Royal Highness


Heir to the Throne

deigned by his Ukaz

of 1st July, 1916, F. A. O. No. 3830 to confer the


Sergt. Major T. Roberts,

which is certified by this Diploma.

The certificate is signed by the Chancellor of the Royal Orders, General Pav. Juristic Strum, and is dated 29 May 1921. But who was this Sergeant-Major T. Roberts? And what were his actions during the First World War that led to his receiving this award? And finally, what are his links to Wolverhampton and how has this certificate come to be in our collection?

There is some information on the Serbian Gold Medal on Wikipedia. There is also a letter regarding the award of the Serbian Gold Medal to Rowland Williams in the collections of the University of Oxford. Other than that we have very little information available. If anybody is able to shed further light on this mystery, we would greatly appreciate it!